Wednesday, August 25, 2010

long time, no post

hello internet, its been a while, i've missed you. have you missed me?
are you seeing other people? you are? how many? 2 billion? well, i guess i understand.

as some of you know i was in scotland, and my very next post will address that more thoroughly, i'm just taking some time to scan these images properly. for now, here are a few drawings of more recent.

this is a photo i took on the isle of skye in scotland. it was digitillity enhanced.

this drawing of some buskers at the fringe was purchased by an independent filmmaker named jeremy kagan.
these are some algerian musicians in prospect park
this is from oban, scotland
this man is named joe, he used to drive an ambulance, now he skinny dips.
this is me, kind of.
this is my friend ally, kind of.
sid the killer is back in production, as well as a few other little things. my friend nick is putting together a new album which is gonna be super sweet and luscious. thanks for checking in, take care.

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