Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i still draw nakey

this man is named chuck, a regular at spring studio. he has very strange proportions and even though he takes about a minute to get into the poses, they are well worth it.

after that i got my wisdom teef removed. back to being naive, hooray!

in other news, my film aethiopicus will be screening in front of the live nyu orchestra in march with newly composed music. hooray!

also, this is my new favorite thing ever!!!!

family reunion

hi everyone, it has been a long time, i know and i'm sorry. since i have last posted, andrew and i have had a couple shoots in the green screen room and we are moving on to some animation. finally. here is shot one:

in order to complete this spaceship, i had to take apart a few more electronic appliances including a scanner/ printer, a typewriter that mysteriously would not stop working, and a few small toys.
the outer shell of the ship was plastic air painted with metallic and acryllic paint.
this is the back rotary that probably won't be shown in the film, but it can rotate!
this is the ninja turtles hover hq playset. national wholesale liquidators was going out of business this week so i decided to get myself a little 8 dollar christmas present. unfortunately they didn't have the hypershell which, when combined with the hover hq makes the HOVER SHELL.
i rememember that the ninja turtles were so popular in my preschool that we had to have designated day when everyone brought in their turtleparaphernilia and played with it. an action show about one of the slowest animals, pure brilliance. in any case, maybe i'll be able to scrap some parts for my next space ship.
also, the mayor of blake city and JD Amato finally settled their copyright dispute in the annual egg drop. my initial designs for a rubber band ball egg didn't work so well, but sometimes you just have to try and make things bounce. am i right? a good time had by all (except for michael porcello who almost got 'shanked by a homeless man that our parachute landed on).