Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

matthew ritchie

Last night, marie and i attended a rather fascinating lecture given by Matthew Ritchie at NYU's IFA. Ritchie talked a lot about how artists should use all of the available information that there is instead of reverting back to and referencing or paying homage to what has already been done (ya know, heaven hell, "the implosion of the art world"). He uses the concept of information as a source of inspiration, believes that information itself can become form, and break the space time continuum by traveling back in time. I didn't know that space time was shaped like a cone.
I respect him tremendously, I find his work fasciniting although unemotional. my only rub with the guy is that all of his lofty ideas about string theory and the shapes of the universe in isometric view are not at all evident for most normal people, and I suspect not even for quantum theorists. Regardless, I am not sure if we need to know where artists draw their inspiration from to appreciate it through our own lens, but Ritchie is certainly a good and funny talker so it might help to look at some of his interviews n' stuff.
Here are my lecture notes.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

matte paintings

lately, i've been working on matte painting for our film's backgrounds. they have ended up being a mixture of miniature sets, photographic reference, and photoshop painting. 

although i am pretty happy with the way these look and ultimately think they are more beleiveable, i still remain nostalgic for the original photograph. even though things are slightly out of perspective, the original has a certain charm that the painted one doesn't. oh well. 

what do you think? (more to come soon!!)

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