Sunday, January 18, 2009

matte paintings

lately, i've been working on matte painting for our film's backgrounds. they have ended up being a mixture of miniature sets, photographic reference, and photoshop painting. 

although i am pretty happy with the way these look and ultimately think they are more beleiveable, i still remain nostalgic for the original photograph. even though things are slightly out of perspective, the original has a certain charm that the painted one doesn't. oh well. 

what do you think? (more to come soon!!)

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George Benjamin Conkin said...

i think the sand dunes on the bottom pic look really nice, but i also like seeing the galaxy in the first pic. I think i would like to see a REALLY wide shot, with the downed space ship and the landscape and the atmosphere, mabe some smoke trailing from the space ship. Both images look out of this world, looking to see more.