Saturday, June 19, 2010


old excuse: super busy, no time to blog. This summer, I've managed to stay away from the computer so far, building practical sets at hornet with my pal cannie and the old skool sluzka crew, and at pandapanther with my friends junko, janet, julia, kazu, shinya, sara, and akiko.
i finally have a little free time to get back to sid the killer, and maybe... enjoy the summer?
I've been trying to catch up on all the sweet internet i've missed, and there's a lot of great animation going on out there.
here are some drawings from the past month or so. I

ps. check out the mermaid parade today at coney island!

these statues are in prospect park, near my new home. I hope to do a lot more painting there.

This girl is named madelyne, she reminded me a lot of Pocahontas.

Ryan is a great model, very emotional poses, and a great dancer as well.


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Rebar said...

HARRY. I went to an animation screening in Williamsburg last night, when suddenly a cartoon about a chicken cowboy HAD YOUR VOICE coming out of it's mouth!!!!!!!! And I turned to the person next to me and was like, "I KNOW HIM! I KNOW HIM!" Hahh! :) Just wanted to say awesome job! And now I've found your blog and I'm following you.