Saturday, November 8, 2008

miniseries: hills close and far

these cliffs were carved using a peice of wire with handles at the end, it's usually used for cutting up blocks of clay but if you sort of sift through with different rythms you can strike some really nice organic patterns.

i am slightly dissapointed in this model as the end shape is too symmetrical. this is because of an indecision to commit to improvisation or to stick to the plan. during the process, i will often discover something by accident and want to completely change directions. this is usually not smart. It is better to note the discovery and save it for later.

this is the base coat for a hill. after the acrylic i will put on cinnamon and flower to tone it down, and then spray paint. i am trying to get at more organic patterns, find asymmetry while keeping order. i am getting further away from a constructionist approach and closer to a more rythmic sort of work flow. try to mimic the natural forces that would act on form: the wind, the water, tectonic plates and all that jazz.

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George Benjamin Conkin said...

nice, looking good. tectonic plates are pretty hard to mimic