Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hey everybody on the internet. I don't know why I am now suddenly deciding to publish my musings on a blog, but I guess it is a good excuse to write and track my progress. Or maybe I've just been inside too much today.
I chose the name Anthropic Pastoral for a few reasons. As my friends know, I am obsessed with skeletal anthropology, particularly the Australopithecines, and branching off from them, the paranthropus species, which went extinct somewhere between one and two million years ago. I am also currently reading Phillip Roth's American Pastoral, an incredibly written book with many completely realized characters, and I thought that the title had a nice ring to it.
On a side note among side notes, (i guess a blog really is just a bunch of side notes) i stumbled across something called the Anthropic Principle, coined by Brandon Carter of Cambridge in 1973. From what I gather, the original theory suggests that because the many forces of our physical universe are "just right" to support to support life, then the universe must only exist if there is conscious life to observe it. Kind of like if a tree falls in the woods sort of thing...
In any case, I have to go, but here is a picture I drew of Devendra tonight because he is drunk with his own power and in an interview posted, he said that Ben Chasny of The Six Organs of Admittance was the real psychedelic folk musician. Then he went on to say that vetiver was the beams of sun, and Joanna was the Roots and Antony was something else,... "you know what I'm saying?" The interviewer probably nodded his head.

In the picture, devendra is performing Shake Sugaree.

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